The 6 letter word which ignites the spark of a new experience in every human. Some are excited and those who are lazy, even they get a new experience of coping up with their laziness in an unfamiliar environment. Travel can have different meanings and gives a different experience, different excitement, different feelings - depending on... Continue Reading →


Viajan Solos

Hola Amigos ! It's been really long since my last post, but I am here again - strolling away with the same river of life after a lively solo trip in summers. Spanish title again, but now I have had a talk with natives and they were very nice to teach me few basics of... Continue Reading →

The Shift Needed

It will be a set back for me as you are one of those few who really are friend . BUT !!!! People with mindset such as this along with those miscreants who are contributing to it must be BUTCHERED and thrown to the dark corner of infinity, hidden from the world ! A clean... Continue Reading →

Random Blabberings….

Didn't know when the randomize function from the C++ program came alive and was executed in the real life with all its splendid features of inability to randomize the values . Randomness is just a namesake, everything's the same.History is namesake, future is history , because history repeats, but in a different manner - but... Continue Reading →

Because The Light Never Dies 

A great teacher, once the head of the nation, the initiator of missile age , the guide, the friend, while interacting with his favorite people , collapsed.... He was the dawn for this nation and this moment again was a dawn . He didn't even say goodbye. Lucky are those who were able to have... Continue Reading →

Myth Truth and Propaganda I

The river INDUS - one of the longest, the mightiest and the origin of the name of one of the greatest nation of all times "INDIA" . It is unfortunate for a great nation that most of its own people know it by the name given by the foreigners. They know it as INDIA and not as BHARAT. The... Continue Reading →

This day comes in life of every student, the day after which he will officially be known as a passout . It's all going to be over, the end of school life , OFFICIALLY . The anxiety of result , the expectations, the anticipation, raises to a 45 Celsius scale just like the temperature outside... Continue Reading →

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